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Dangerous Growths

Dangerous growths

Maybe you've seen some algae or fungus growing around your property. Maybe you think that it's not such a big deal and feel you don't need to be worried about pressure washing them. There are several reasons why these growths and others like it are a cause for concern.

Stop Deterioration

What causes fungus, algae, mold, and moss to grow? First it's the accumulation of water, next it's a food source. If you're seeing these growths around your property or worse, growing on your structures, it means there's water collecting there and something is potentially deteriorating that these growths are feeding on. This can be a big problem if these growths are growing on your walls or roof and should be taken care of with a house washing.

Protect Your Health

These growths have been proven to spread spores and bacteria wherever they grow. While outside they do not pose much of a threat, if you find your home is beginning to reek of mold or mildew, that's a bad sign. Inhaling bacteria and spores from these growths can lead to serious health problems.

Remove Growths Promptly

Whenever you see any of these growths growing a little too close for comfort to your property, it's best to take care of pressure washing them as soon as possible. Deterring them early on is the best way to ensure they stay away and you continue to live in a contaminant free home.

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