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Sealing Your Wood

Sealing your wood

Another benefit to pressure washing your deck is that it is essential to prepare your wood when applying sealant to your deck. A great way to protect the longevity of your deck, patio, or porch is with a detailed deck washing to eliminate contaminants and rejuvenate its appearance.

Pressure Wash Before Applying Sealant

Pressure washing your deck not only removes any contaminants or dirt that's accumulated on its surface but also helps the sealant bind better with the wood. When you pressure wash your wood, it loosens up the fibers which allows the sealant to go deeper into the surface and bind tightly for a long lasting finish.

There are a variety of ways you can apply deck sealer, but it's always a good idea to follow the instructions on your sealant container when in doubt. When considering how to apply the sealant, take into account the size of the project and what type of sealant you're working with.

Using Brush For Sealing

Using a brush is one of the best ways to thoroughly apply a sealer as it will give the best control for the applicant. Not only does using a brush ensure the sealant gets applied to not only the deck, but in between the wood boards too, which can easily be missed. The one downside is that applying sealant with a brush by hand may take a long time, especially if you have a large area to cover.

Using A Roller

Using a roller to apply wood sealant is a much faster alternative but won't reach some of the cracks and spaces a brush can. You also may have to go over the surface a few times to be sure everything is coated properly. If you're willing to use both, using a roller and a brush can help get the sealant on quickly while also making sure all the spots are covered correctly. However this will still take time and effort.

Always Prepare Your Deck Properly

Sealing your deck wood is one of the best ways to preserve your patio area for you to enjoy. However, it's important to make sure you apply it correctly at the start so you don't trap contaminants or dirt next to the wood. Always consider pressure washing your deck before applying the sealer to ensure it stays strong and looks good for a long time!

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